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This is a virtual mental health group . Providing progressive help for service users & carers . Within tameside & local areas . Signposting service help & communication help links .

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OnLine Referral Form

All referrals will be offered an initial assessment appointment within 2 - 4 weeks . This will determine the urgency of the referral and the likely timeframe for allocation . As the referrer you will be informed when the referral has been received, and of the outcome of the initial assessment .

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NHS . Autism Support . Gerard Ratchford

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NHS . Autism Support . Amie Giles

If NO . What are the indications that the person has an autistic spectrum disorder ? E.G. Difficulties in communication, interaction, flexible thinking, routines, sensory issues .

What is the Referral requesting ? Please include . Presenting issues . Any recent changes . Behavioural difficulties

N.B. If the Referral is for Training this should be Booked through the Training Department or Consortium at Festival Hall . Please contact them directly for availability, and to Book dates .

Are there any special considerations in relation to the person’s autism that need to be made when making contact and considering assessment ? E.G. Time of the day, venue, who to contact

G.P. Doctor . Name & Address

Any other agencies involved

Is the Service User aware of this Referral

Referred by

Address as above . Via Referred by

Date of Referral

Does the person have a diagnosed learning disability ? Did they attend a special school or unit ? Are ( or have ) they ever been supported by a Learning Disability Service ?

Does the Service User live with family / supported / adult placement etc ?

Gerard Ratchford

0161 304 5860



For More Information . Please Contact

NHS Support      


Electronic Mail  

Electronic Mail  

Amie Giles

0161 304 5374